It’s the small things in life

That have always fascinated me. It fascinated Lex, too. Both the good things and bad things that affect your life’s major arcs, “but for”. As I had said in my Epilogue  of Neptunus Lex, I just happened to see a post from one of their writers about Lex’s accident, and through curiosity, read a post David recommended. Which ended up putting me on a completly new arc.

The Small Things can bring life-changing events to people, good and bad. Ask any number of people in prison “but for”.

Which reminds me of some of the greatest advice on life I ever received from someone – “Life is nothing more than choices“.

Anywho, I am driving home a few hours ago and spot a cyclist oblivious to the world.

It’s a two-laned road each way, and he is riding down the center of the right lane seemingly without a care in the world. I am watching him as I move to the left lane.

Just then, he swerves right in front of me when I put to the test my ABS brakes. I stop with him in front of the car maybe 2-3 feet, still blithely tooling along. Even the sound of my horn didn’t faze him.

Was he trying to kill himself? I obviously can’t say, but he reminded me of this guy, in his own way sort of a hero to me (in a funny way).

Sometimes ignorance is bliss, sometimes it can kill you.



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4 responses to “It’s the small things in life

  1. As have many of you, I came across Lex at the beginning from another milblog.
    Following him was a joy to read, and let friends in on the artist at his work.
    I live in Hanford, not far from the hated Lemoore NAS, in a condo complex with a good number of pilots.
    On a nice afternoon, on the patio I enjoy listening and watching the boys in the pattern, coming home.
    I now have a new next door neighbor just back from deployment, Marine I think, I was wondering if he would be interested in one my Lex challenge coins.
    Loved the man..I’ve never met.

    • Bill Brandt

      Get him reading lex first 😉 I am pleased that it seems a whole new group of people are coming to know hizzoner – my little WordPress app tells me – and since they are reading at 0200-0300 – I have to think they are either like me (unlikely) or the other side of the world…

      I think some of the posts of Lex’s are just as timely – and helpful – to a new group of aviators as they were when written.

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