All the Lex That’s Fit To Print

I am paraphrasing an old slogan from the New York Times (from 1896?) but as promised yesterday in my Epilogue I am combing the Wayback Machine to see anything that we don’t have in the archives.

I want to say that we have everything that is remotely good before calling it a day.

So for many of you if you have seen these at all, most are only for the 2nd time, in 6-14 years.

Unfortunately the Wayback Machine only accessed Lex’s website sometimes every 2-3 weeks. Other times it went on sequential days. No rhyme or reason for this old programmer. But we’ll get what we can, starting with 2004.

Thank you all for your nice compliments but Lex did most of the work 😉 I was simply putting him back out there, where his writing belongs. And, if it weren’t for advokaat, there would have been nothing to bring back. I keep thinking of nearly 9 years of Lex’s work, work that he put his heart into – gone forever without advokaat.

So hopefully for the next month – or longer – who knows? We can get a bit more daily Lex.


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