The Basis Of Morality

In light of the evil we recently witnessed, undoubtedly in the coming days and weeks the newsroom “pundits” will attempt to explain the actions of  Stephen Paddock. Personally as I have become older I have come to believe that there are people that are possessed by evil – evil not being some abstract thing, but real.

Undoubtedly that is not a belief shared by all. In my opinion, attempting to explain every basis for human depravity is futile, but there are those who think every human action can be quantitatively rationalized.

The thought popped into my head today that Lex wrote an essay on the basis of morality. He couldn’t answer it, but he did give us a basis for thought.

It’s worth a read and some thought. And if any of you would like to discuss it in a way Lex would have liked, as he asked then we can discuss it now.



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2 responses to “The Basis Of Morality

  1. SJPONeill

    Thee is a great discussion of this in Richard Bach’s Illusions – I would quote it but my copy has disappeared again (surely the mark of a great book when people keep taking it?) – and, like Lex, I don’t think there are any absolute ‘right’ answers.

    For me, personally, I think that I can navigate within the bounds of a ‘do no harm’ philosophy, although possibly not the Google interpretation of it…

  2. Old AF Sarge

    Evil exists. There is too much evidence in favor of its existence. I stand with Lex on the question of morality. He had the right of it.

    Well said, and timely, my friend.

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