How To Be An Effective Leader


Photo by James K. McCann

Most of us can say that when we have come across great leaders we can’t readily  identify the “why” but the “what”. In the military the thought occurred to me that all of this is compressed – the good ones and the bad ones are more readily apparent and in a shorter time.

And in this post, Marine Commandant Joe Dunford talking to some US Naval Academy Midshipmen identifies it succinctly:

“With regard to leadership, with the midshipmen over here, you know, it’s clearly something that you can’t wrap up in 30 seconds. But I guess what I would say to you is as you make the transition – and I think a number of you are making it this year – I think you probably have been told many times, and I’ll just remind you – it’s no longer about you.” 

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2 responses to “How To Be An Effective Leader

  1. Some ‘bosses’ think the more rank they have the more people they have working for them. Actually, it’s not quite like that; the more rank you acquire, the more people YOU work for.

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