Thought Provoking Op-Ed?

Those who read the Wall Street Journal know that over time they have been no friend of Donald Trump. Personally, I had some reservations about him but voted for him.  Even in this young country’s lifespan, it is difficult for people today to get some political perspective.

But at least twice in our history, politics were pretty polarized. Hard to believe today that during the Revolutionary War, only a third of the population supported independence, while another third supported the Crown. Do I have to mention that people were also polarized during the 1850s?

I finished a fascinating book last year, about 6  spies General Washington depended on during the War for critical intelligence. I didn’t realize that all through the War, Long Island was solidly loyalist, and the British never left Manhattan. To have a chance of surviving in this environment, they developed tactics that are still taught by the CIA today. Five of the 6 eventually became known (some as late as the 1920s with letters to Washington), while the 6th was never discovered. I read somewhere else that it is thought the 6th was a woman who died on the infamous prison ship the British kept off  Manhattan.

Without spoiling it for those interested, through a disinformation campaign they might well have starved the British of critical information.

But I am starting to go off on one of my tangents.

I have long felt that a huge political fault has been developing that has been largely undetected by the “pundits”.

Then I read this today in Thursday’s WSJ. The pertinent summary:

“One way to understand American politics today is to think of our divisions as resonant of the decade before the Revolutionary War, when rebellion’s trigger was King George and his Parliament in London.

In our time, the struggle is about an aggressive elevation of central authority over the smaller units of American life. The progressive Democrats are the new King George, ruling 50 postcolonial states from distant Washington. The “base” objects.”


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  1. Old AF Sarge

    Nice insight Bill. I agree.

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