A strange day yesterday


I’m not really big on astrology, but sometimes things just seem a bit inexplicable. The entire day just seemed to be out of sync with the universe yesterday.

Just as an example I’m leaving the restaurant where a friend and I have our Friday lunch, and I’m behind a car with a rotating strip of steel emanating from the right rear wheel .

I can’t possibly even guess what this is so I move into the right lane to get a closer look at it.

It’s actually a fork stuck in the sidewall of the tire. How it got there I can’t even imagine to know.

So I’m honking the horn and trying in my most dignified manner to get this woman’s attention.

She is ignoring me and actually shielding part of her eyes and face with her right hand.

I can’t understand this either, and soon realize that the more I try to get her attention the sillier I’m going to appear.  So I just let her drive off rotating fork and all.

I am mentioning this to the Facebook group and with all of the experiences of all  varieties they had one woman says that something like that happened to a friend of hers who was exposed to a flasher.

Then it hit me. The woman must’ve thought I was trying to flash her.

It was a strange day indeed.









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