My Ideal Road Trip Part 5

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Highway 24 really took me through some spectacular scenery.



I was coming to some petroglyphs. These were made by ancient Native Americans around 600AD. Many of them on the following wall were destroyed by a rock fall in 1952 but you can still see some…





Highway 24 had some pretty spectacular scenery.


Highway 12 – which started off 24, had very different scenery – including some drops from the road edge where, as my late uncle would say, “you’d starve to death before hitting the bottom”. I can remember going over a pass that was over 9,000 feet (~3,000 meters) .

I thought the following name – Kodachrome Basin – was a bit funny. Why didn’t they name it Ektachrome, which favored the blues and greens? In any event it was obviously named before digital cameras 😉

I suppose even having this knowledge dates me a bit – but I have enjoyed photography since I was 12.




I believe what you are looking at below is a wadi – a dried riverbed that in the event of rain, can suddenly have a tsunami-like torrent of water coming through. People have over the years drowned in these – the water will come that fast.


This was a small home from another time….Imagine living in that year round. This was in the town of Escalante.


…..To be continued. 



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