My Ideal Road Trip Part 4


Because it was recommended I take Highway 24 and then 12 though southern Utah, I drove to Green River for the night to start the adventure the next day. The town of Green River didn’t seem like much; but it seemed to be the starting point for this upcoming segment. At least it seemed as though a lot of out of state cars were there.

Leaving town, this was the most interesting building I could find. It was a building that I am sure would have a bit to say if it could talk…


One thing I have always enjoyed doing while traveling is taking pictures of other people. You see a husband or wife taking a picture of the spouse, and realize that they will probably have no pictures of them together for the entire trip.

They are always appreciative, and I learn a bit about them. For me when traveling it is as much fun meeting other people as seeing new sights.

This was a couple from Britain; they had just come in by plane the night before. Over the years I would have to say that there are 2 nationalities that seem to be the most adventuresome travelers – the British and the Germans. You can find them in the most remote places…


The scenery was just starting to get interesting…I would later learn that the southern half of Utah is absolutely spectacular…




Highway 24 crosses some of the Capitol Reef National Park. While an entrance fee is not required while traversing the Park, I found one of the best deals – if you are a US Citizen and 62 or over – is to get a pass for $10 – good for a lifetime’s entrance into US National Parks. Normally it is $30 per car. I visited 4 national parks on this trip and it would have been $120.



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12 responses to “My Ideal Road Trip Part 4

  1. ColoComment

    Bill, that NP $10 entry pass is good no matter what vehicle you’re in — the benefit goes with you, the person.
    You can be in a car with 6 other people, and it’s … $10.
    Best deal going for us gray-haired (or no-haired) folk. 🙂

    • Bill Brandt

      That’s the best deal I’ve seen all year ColoComment. And a park ranger told me about it at Zion.

      The only disturbing thing was that he didn’t even ask me how old I was. He just knew 😉

      On this trip I used it for entry into 4 national parks.

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