Seems an appropriate post today….

I can’t remember in recent history a Presidential campaign that had so much acrimony. I think I’d have to go back to Goldwater-Johnson in 1964.

I’d have loved to know what Lex would have had to say today. I suspect that like most of us, he would have found flaws in all their positions and in the end voted for the one he believed best for the country. At least that was my motivation.

But I believe this post of his is just as suited for today as it was 12 years ago.

“People are looking at politics as dogma. And they’re looking for heretics to burn, and devils to fight against. And they’re making it a very personal struggle.” 

I would hope that as Americans we can all come together now….

I’ll post some more of my road trip pictures tonight…


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3 responses to “Seems an appropriate post today….

  1. Agreed, would love to have heard the Captain’s positions over the months. Kinda suspect he would have aligned with Phib.
    BTW, am I correct that today would have been his 57th birthday? IIRC, the sequence was his birthday, Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children on the 10th, and Veterans Day on the 1tth.

    VRs to al!
    SJBill sends

    • Bill Brandt

      You are correct. Today Hizzoner’s birthday.

      What I love about Lex’s writings is it so much of it is timeless.

  2. Susan Carroll

    Good quote for today.

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