True Courage

Don’t Order A Large Drink For This Movie


There’s really only a small handful of movies in my opinion that remain true to showing the horrors of combat. Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan was one of them, as was Mel Gibson’s We Were Soldiers. 

Gibson’s new movie, Hacksaw Ridge, is in this category. It is a story about an Army soldier that movie producers have tried to make for 60 years.

As with most heroes – virtually all of them in my opinion – they are very humble and do not wish the limelight. You won’t find any of them bragging about their exploits in a bar trying to impress people.

A Hero for my definition here is anyone who served honorably in combat.

In this instance, the subject of this movie, Desmond Doss, a humble man from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, was even approached by Audie Murphy years ago to obtain movie rights.

All Doss  wanted to do after the war was tend his garden and be left alone. A few years ago before his death, he relented and allowed a movie to be made. What makes this subject unique in a war movie is that he enlisted as a C.O. – Conscientious Objector – after Pearl Harbor. Because of his strong faith, he refused to pick up a weapon. From Basic Training to the battlefield.

It is a story of faith and courage, both on and off the battlefield.

He was even willing to face a court marshal for his beliefs.

It was during the court marshal  scene that my bladder over-pressure light went on as a result of the large Diet Coke.

And it was glowing brightly.

But the scene was so compelling I did not want to leave the theater so I was out of my seat and standing along the wall, not wanting to miss anything integral to the movie (which was written so tightly that virtually every scene was integral).

The battle scenes of Hacksaw Ridge in Okinawa were uncomfortably realistic.

As to what Doss did to be the first Conscientious Objector awarded the Medal of Honor – you will have to see the movie and learn of this amazing story.



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