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These days, I am rather jaded when it comes to driving to the cineplex to see a movie. I don’t really need some screenwriter’s social message or a recycled comic book hero.

There are a couple of exceptions – if it is made by Ron Howard, or has Clint Eastwood on either side of the camera, it automatically passes my filter test. Tom Hanks in any movie usually guarantees a decent movie.

This movie, directed by Eastwood and starring Tom Hanks took a subject that just about everyone not living in a cave the last 10 years is familiar – and made it into a movie both thoroughly entertaining and informative. In fact at the end the audience in the nearly packed theater applauded.

A minor spoiler alert: I was not aware that the NTSB was originally going to determine that the captain of US Air 1549, Chesley Burnett “Sully” Sullenberger, and his First Officer Jeffrey Skiles based on computer simulations and the aircraft’s “black box” could have landed back at LaGuardia or Teterboro.

What made them change from that position I’ll leave to you and seeing the movie.

Who can give a better stamp of approval to the movie than the actual passengers?

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One response to “Sully

  1. Saw the movie on opening day, it’s a good story and from the vantage point of this retired A300 driver the airplane stuff was right on target, and it should be since Sully had an advance look at the script and corrected all the shortcomings.
    The NTSB hearings were condensed in the movie, from the incident to the final report was some 15 months, but the movie makes it appear that it was all the following week or so…
    It’s an entertaining movie with a good ending and an absolute opposite of all the cee arrr aaa pee that Hollywood seems to think is worth watching. The people who shine are the everyday Joe and Mary doing their jobs, which is looking out for the rest of us.
    Go Clint Eastwood.

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