Law and Order and Firearms – UK style

Quite a few years ago, back on The Mothership, I entered into one of the many debates prompted by Hizzoner. As I recall he attached a short press cutting that involved some sort of police deployment. The photograph showed officers from, I presume, a tactical team dressed in what was pretty much army drab cammo kit. The debate developed around the increasingly `para militarisation` of US police forces and sheriffs departments which many commenters on Neptunus Lex, including Hizzoner, felt was more than occasionally o.t.t. There were many comments, including my own slightly more lengthy description of  our close links with the SAS/SBS and other parts of the British Military. Civil police always have primacy in these circumstances.

I chipped in my £’s worth and explained that in the U.K. we work far more closely with our military (primarily Army and Royal Marines) than our American cousins under arrangements authorised by The Home Office and  referred to as MAC P (Military aide to the civil police), something that your guys are forbidden to do under The Constitution, hence your National Guard.

A guy I knew and met occasionally on joint forces firearms training and counter terrorist exercises has recently published his story. Ordinarily he would not have done so, but he became public property last year when he was indicted and tried for murder, ten years after an on-duty shooting that he and his team were involved with in arresting known drug dealers, including Colombians. The Intel reported that they had ready access to re-activated Mac 10’s as well as other semi automatic weapons and revolvers. Tony shot one of them dead during the hard stop his team conducted after the crime squad’s surveillance unit handed over to the Tactical Team to conduct the arrests. It always was a clean shoot, but his experiences at a Coroner’s Court inquest at the hands of the Coroner (a very important and historic legal position that used to report to and represent the Monarch ie The Crown, hence the name)  was not helpful. Our Coroners have very considerable powers and responsibilities and the position should not be confused with what you guys would know as a coroner. Tony appeared at The Old Bailey (Central Criminal Court) last year. After a trial lasting several weeks he was acquitted.

I’ve just finished the book, published earlier this year. It is the real deal, totally authentic and in no way sensationalised, for having met the guy and knowing several of his colleagues quite well, I can say that this was not his way. Tony followed my footsteps in South East London (he joined about 5 years after me) and reading some of the chapters was a real trip down my own memory lane. I commend the book to you if you have more than a passing interest in such things. Tony worked with his US equivalents. There are several honourable mentions`. The last time we met, he bought me a Chinese dinner. I owe him far more than that.




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2 responses to “Law and Order and Firearms – UK style

  1. Hogday, bro, I’m more than a bit dismayed. Who the HELL waits ten years to bring charges on an officer-involved shooting? From the brief description here, it sounds like a righteous use of force.

    If your friend were truly wrong, they would have preferred charges immediately afterwards. Sounds like politically-motivated cowardice on the part of the Crown,

  2. Mike, what you said, mate. It was incredible and unspeakable how this was managed. Interestingly, I could draw a comparison with what your great Nation is going through at the moment with the black lives matter debacle. Get my drift?

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