Listen to Lincoln on Thanksgiving President Abraham Lincoln’s 1863 Thanksgiving Day Proclamation remains meaningful in 2015.

This was in my Facebook ticker this morning. I thought it was a very good article.


“1863. The nation is divided by a bloody civil war pitting father against son and brother against brother. Few people had much for which to be thankful. In the midst of all this, President Abraham Lincoln took the extraordinary step of declaring a national day of Thanksgiving, an annual holiday to observe the blessing the Almighty had seen fit to bestow upon a fractured people.

It was not the first time a call for such a celebration had been issued. The pilgrims who populated the Massachusetts Bay Colony undertook the first of such events after a particularly harsh winter had brought with it nearly unbearable hardships that threatened the survival of all. When Lincoln put pen to paper, he created a tradition honored up to this day.”

The rest is at the link below……………..

Wishes for a Blessed Thanksgiving to all from Missus ORPO and I.

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