A Matter Of Time Before A Digital Pearl Harbor

Read this article in the WSJ today and the Admiral Rogers makes some good points.   Whenever war comes, there will be cyber attacks and the predominant thinking is that an enemy will try to destroy networks.

But what if a major goal of an enemy  is not to eliminate information, but distort information?

To make one wonder if what they are reading and seeing is correct? That in my opinion would be far more devastating than simply destroying a network. Feeding us disinformation, to borrow an old term from the cold war.

“We recently caught the Russians penetrating the Joint Staff network in the Pentagon. It boiled down to four individuals who clicked on a link in an email. I asked them, “What was going through your mind?” Because when I looked at the email, I said to myself, “Why would you have opened this? It makes no sense” And the answer I got was, “It was early in the morning. It was a Monday. I’m just blowing through my emails.”

If someone had said to me, “Hey, it’s lonely on post. It’s the middle of the night out in the middle of nowhere. I just pulled my gun out because I wanted to quick draw,” we would never accept that. So why are we willing to accept this kind of behavior in the cyberworld?”

Rogers questions why these individuals weren’t court martialed, and I have to wonder too. Is crippling our information systems any less serious than attacking a ship?

Full article is here.


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2 responses to “A Matter Of Time Before A Digital Pearl Harbor

  1. The man is ahead of the game and sees what is coming.
    Unfortunately, we can count on him to be cashiered soon. He is a leader and knows what lies ahead, and publicly stated what’s what. The present elected leader cannot tolerate that.
    Six months and he will be gone, some minor error or a manufactured mistake in political correctness will be the end of his career.
    Please let me be totally wrong…

    • Bill Brandt

      Wish I could Busbob but these days…Amazing to me that 4 individuals in the Pentagon think nothing of clicking on an attachment of some goofy email; and totally corrupt their computer system.

      And they are not punished.

      I mean, don’t you & I know better than to open some goofy email claiming our email account is closed?

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