A Trip To Reno Yesterday


Yesterday I decided to jump in the car and poot over the Sierras to see a day of the Reno Air Races. I believe when they started these in 1964 they were trying to resurrect some of the great races from the 1930s, like the Cleveland Races. I don’t know of any similar races in the world, although a few, like the Mojave, have come and gone.

When they started Bob Hoover kept track of the race from above in his yellow P-51 Mustang, , “Old Yeller”. In the intervening years, the unlimiteds have become so fast that the chase plane is now a T-33 jet.

Anyway, enjoy some of the pictures – over the years I have met Pappy Boyington – he used to go up there to sell his books and prints – this year it was Bud Anderson.

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4 responses to “A Trip To Reno Yesterday

  1. NaCly Dog

    Bill, thank you for the tour report.

    Was Yves Rossy (Jet-Man) there with the Breitling Jet Team?

    • Bill Brandt

      NaCly Dog – I apologize for the delay – my Windows side of the computer blew up – not helped by this back up program I had relied on for years – (I am in Linux right now) – but the Jet Man wasn’t there –

  2. Steve

    Thanks for the pics, Bill! Wish I could have been there. My only request is that from now on you post all your airshow pics in full res, my wallpaper directory will thank you! 😀

    • Bill Brandt

      Hi Steve – unfortunately we have to consider bytes used when posting but I will be glad to shoot you some full rez pictures. To tell you the truth I have become a bit spoiled with Reno (and the Monterey Historic Races) – both world class events and other than the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK, nothing else really like them.

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