Royal International Air Tattoo, July 2015


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5 responses to “Royal International Air Tattoo, July 2015

  1. Fabulous airplane. Saw the Vulcan fly at Abbotsford Air Show in the early 70’s. Monster airplane but so agile the entire demo was within the confines of the airport airspace. The bomb bay door opening was a bit humorous, a case of scotch fell out…
    Did you notice at the end the drag chute made the Vulcan veer into the wind, the pilot quickly let go of the chute to regain control and get back to the centerline of the runway. Good move, old chap!

    • Cheers Busbob. It was always a show-stopper, what with the massive wing and the leap off the runway plus the ghostly moan from the intakes of those mighty motors as they spooled up to max-mil.

  2. Bill Brandt

    I can remember growing up – and for 20 years – seeing a Vulcan and almost any US military airshow – they were a mainstay even in the US

  3. One of the things that struck me dumb (not a long journey most of the time) was the small size of the cockpit of the Vulcan. Being part of the airshow back then (static display guy) the Vulcan crew invited me up to the cockpit. Check it out here:
    Note that you can only see the pilot and copilot ejection seats, there was a crew of 5, the other 3 crew aft of the ejection seats would have to manually bail out through the escape/entry hatch. You can see the hatch on the webpage I cited.
    Zoom in on the hatch and the nose landing gear is clearly visible. The crew was a bit somber about explaining that if the gear was down and the 3 crew in the aft seats had to bail out it was impossible to avoid hitting the nose gear. Not the best user-friendly design.

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