Carroll Lefon Challenge Coins

Dwight Cardwell and I have been discussing them, trying to figure out how many we’d need to order and how to distribute them, etc. We need a count, so if you would, in the comments below please enter the number that you would be ordering. To make it really easy for this simple guy to add up, just the numeral please.

Also, could one of you admin types pin this post so everyone has a chance to see it? We’ll leave it up until August 15. That will give us plenty of time (about three weeks) to get a count.

Assuming that we order 400, the cost for 1 would be $3.80. Buying envelopes and postage would add another $6 to ship one. I think we could distribute a good number during meetups in Nov. in SD and CT and save that postage. I’m not looking to make any money off these. Again, the design is below.


.Lex Proof From CC


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17 responses to “Carroll Lefon Challenge Coins

  1. John (Terry) Barber

    Nice job! I want 2 please!
    John Barber

  2. Seth Israel-Hiles


  3. CTII Raven

    I’m in for one

  4. photoncourier

    2 for me, please

    David Foster

  5. Robbie Robb

    Hi, I would dearly love to have one.
    Robbie Robb

  6. NaCly Dog

    One, please.

  7. Jeff the Bobcat

    One please.
    Thanks for doing this, great job!

  8. Rick

    I would order 2 please; thanks for doing this…

  9. I’d like three, they look great and thanks for doing this.

  10. edwardolsen

    It will be a privilege to order 3.
    Thank you for doing this to honor Lex.

  11. KenH

    in for 2

  12. Formerly known as Skeptic

    I’d be good for 1

  13. Paul in BarneyFrankistan

    I’d like 1.

  14. Steve

    In for 4, please.

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