Polak always welcome in my house

A very good video from the Duxford Flying Legends weekend recently.


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2 responses to “Polak always welcome in my house

  1. Bill Brandt

    I thought the 1969 movie, Battle of Britain, was excellent. It wasn’t a commercial success but I think it was pretty accurate. (about Major Brandt leading the Luftwaffe Squadron on an RAF Raid, and his navigator mistakenly in the fog jettisoning the bombs on the London docks – shifting the whole focus of the battle – can’t verify for the leader being named Major Brandt although we do tend to get disoriented at times)

    But as for the Poles they were in training and because of the critical need for combat pilots, thrown into battle early with old Hawker Hurricanes – and they did rather well.

    Poland really got a crappy deal from WW2 – first the Germans then the Russians. For another 40 years.

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