How Do You Explain This?

In an incident I am sure would raise hizzoner’s ire, a naval officer who was a 2005 graduate of the “Trade School On The Savern”* , TOPGUN (all caps, one word, don’t ask) graduate ,  has been convicted of producing child pornography.

Then offering his expertise to the Chinese if they will get him out of prison.

Details here.

* The USNA



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4 responses to “How Do You Explain This?

  1. CAPT Mongo

    Ick. This sicko deserves to stay locked up forever.

  2. Eeewwwwwwww. This guy is a prevert (he’s ahead of a pervert).
    It’s difficult to understand how a person arrives at such a place.
    I recently discovered I have a cousin, a PhD no less, who somehow relocated some funds, more than 50 million or so, to a bank of his choosing. Wasn’t his in the first place, ya know…didn’t seem like a bad egg when we were kids. Go figure.

  3. Bill Brandt

    This guy is proof that morality has nothing to do with education or wealth – imagine what he did to those young girls – the 12 year old trying to commit suicide.

    Busbob – you never know (the cousin) I think we are all faced with temptation – most resist – a few don’t

  4. leachristina65

    He needs to be hoisted by his own petard. And by petard I mean genitals. Not an officer, not a gentleman, not even a human being.

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