Can’t let the D-Day Anniversary Pass Unmentioned…


We all have some regrets in life … I have some big ones and some small ones. One of my smaller ones involved an opportunity years ago of accompanying my parents to a Thanksgiving dinner at their friend’s home – the Millers.

I had a prior commitment and begged off.

The next time I saw my parents my mother mentioned their dinner, and after dinner over some good wine Dusty revealed something he rarely talked about – his being in the 2nd wave ashore at Omaha Beach.

“Were you afraid of being killed?”, she asked Dusty.

“You never think it will be you, particularly when you are 20 years old”, is the best answer I can recollect.

The Millers are long gone now, but you think how history and the future was altered by the courage of those 20 year olds.

Speaking of which, I came across this article in Jalopnik, about a submarine that was instrumental in making D-Day a success.

It was so small you couldn’t even stand up. Imagine being in that for days at a time…

A salute to all those living and passed who went ashore this day, 71 years ago.

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  1. Hogday

    Bill, you can see one of those subs at the museum in Gosport, Hampshire. Amazing kit

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