Armed drones seen as dogfight-ready in (not too distant) future

I told Lex a few years back that he would have silicon wingmen in the future that could take the g-forces that would allow them to operate inside the loop of protein-based pilots.

First they will support, then they will supplant.

And Skynet will have excellent tools when the AI awakening occurs.


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3 responses to “Armed drones seen as dogfight-ready in (not too distant) future

  1. Mike M.

    I’ve been hearing that for the twenty years I’ve worked on large UAVs. I don’t see it happening. Software is HARD to get right…and UAV software is particularly difficult. When your computer crashes, you reboot. When a UAV crashes, the taxpayer gets a $100 million bill.

  2. edwardolsen

    You are absolutely right, Mike. I could not agree more.
    But what about small, expendable drones. How many suicide drones would it take to swarm and bring down a fifth generation fighter?
    Maybe a lot better than those under consideration by China at present, but just consider the China thrust a first step to something much deadlier.

  3. P.W. Singer has some interesting futuristic speculations about use of drones in war in his book, Wired for War. IIRC, it’s the last chapter or so.

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