A Movie Worth Seeing


I decided I wanted to see a movie last night – finding one that doesn’t involve cartoon characters or car crashes is difficult these days – looked through Fandango and decided to try this movie.

I have always been impressed with Russell Crowe as an actor – one of the most versatile I have seen – portraying everything from a Depression-era boxer to an British Royal Navy Captain.

In this movie, his directorial debut, he plays an Australian farmer whose family has been decimated by  a WW1 battle that in the US is just a name and a date but to those of the ANZAC forces – Australia and New Zealand, Gallipoli  is part of the national consciousness.

With nothing left to live for in Australia, he goes there in search of the graves of his 3 sons. A year after the end of the First World War the Ottoman Empire has collapsed and Turkey is facing upheaval.

Cinematography, action and a good screenplay – it is all there.You have adventure, drama and romance.

With a plot for grown ups.

It is an independent film and in limited release, but if the The Water Diviner is in your town, it’s worth seeing.

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  1. Thanks for the review and recommendation! It’s so hard to find a good movie anymore….
    Will be on lookout for it.

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