Flygirlpainter does her thing on a brand new 60 Romeo for HSM-49, The Scorpions

I thought The Lexicans would like to see this. Shayne is a friend of mine and she has a gift that allows her to do this amazing art work on these helicopters.

Among The Joshua Trees

Shayne Meder

Master Sergeant

United States Air Force


Damn this gal does some seriously awesome work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is doing the HSM-49 MH-60R CAG Bird as she has done all of the Helo Squadron CAG Birds based at NAS North Island.

I asked her if I could blog the progress of this project and she said to take them from Flygirlpainter at Facebook and to go for it. I have done two at already. Then I realized that not everyone reads that blog, so I am saturation bombing on a less regular cycle here at ATJT………………….

Please enjoy, my friends!

another clue Masking Off for all those colors

bad assery in progress Lay out work

hammer time Detail Stuff

here's looking at you Business End

hsm 49 patch Official Squadron Patch

masked all day Masking the Pylon

peeps She brought the Peeps!

scorpion red Scorpion Red!

Stinger 100 Stinger 100, Factory Fresh!

teaser The Tease

the nose The Nose

the red is on 4 April 2015 The Red Is On

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