From theBrigade: USS Ronald Reagan visiting Pearl Harbor Memorial (25 HQ Photos)

Special Greetings to OldAFSarge and The WSO.
That day almost one year ago now, will always be so very, very special.

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Among The Joshua Trees

As most of my followers know, I was fortunate to be able to spend a day on this Fine Ship last April 9(2014) with Christopher Goodrich and his Daughter, the WSO. It was, except for the marriage of my children and the birth of my grandchildren, The Best Day since I retired from the US Navy in September of 1993.

This is a somewhat solemn post as when we enter or leave Naval Station Pearl Harbor, Honors must be rendered with the Traditional Manning The Rail…………in Dress Uniform…………………….Attention To Port! Hand Salute………………………..Too!

In the old days we would exit on the opposite side of Ford Island and do the very same for The Utah.




A few samples follow………………………………


a-Ronald-aricraft-pearl-920-0 The USS Missouri and The USS Arizona Memorial. The two ships that represent the beginning and the ending of World War 2.

It has been a long time since…

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2 responses to “From theBrigade: USS Ronald Reagan visiting Pearl Harbor Memorial (25 HQ Photos)

  1. Old AF Sarge

    Someday I want to get back to Hawaii and visit the Arizona. Nice post ORPO! And yes, that was a seriously GREAT day last year.

  2. Many years ago the Connie (CV-64) visited Pearl on the way to WestPac. We docked at night and at sunrise I was up and on deck to see the history around me. Walked to the stern wondering if I could see the Arizona from the deck, and was double whammied when I looked aft and down into the clearly visible hulk of the Arizona. Very sobering moment.
    Later spent time ashore, not much, had some beer drinking moments with the Aussies from the Melbourne and then the next morning we left. Another somber moment as we passed the remnants of the Utah.
    Then we passed by Hickam base housing, and recognized about thirty of our beer drinking Aussie friends on the grounds of base housing, all waving furious goodbyes.
    When they had our attention, with a remarkable degree of military precision for a group that clearly had not stopped imbibing, the Aussies smartly turned about, dropped trou, and mooned the entire deck contingent of the Connie.
    They were awarded with the loudest cheer we could give them.
    It’s good to be cared for.

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