Honoring Lex At His Favorite Spot

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Last Friday and Saturday, Lexicans from near and far converged on Shakespeare’s in San Diego to celebrate his life. I talked with a man who worked with Lex after his Navy time and asked him what Lex would think about all this.

“Well”, he said, ” Lex would laugh and say you were all crazy. But he would be flattered!”

It wasn’t a somber moment but a time with lots of stories and laughter.

The funniest story – one that I had not heard, came from none other than the Hobbit. It seems when Lex would walk his dog, Gus, he got into regular conversations with his neighbor.

Over time, he learned that the neighbor liked to read Neptunus Lex. Only he didn’t know Lex, only Carroll.

“When are you going to tell him?”, the Hobbit asked him.

Here’s to you, Lex.

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5 responses to “Honoring Lex At His Favorite Spot

  1. Robert B Robb

    Thanks for the story and pics Bill, I was looking at the pic on my study wall of Lex standing in front of his last stead, presumably at Fallon. Have you noticed how postings on all blogs and snippets on the Tailhook web site have gone quiet? The calm before the storm? Lex has left a vacuum but we must not forget the values that he and others like him fought for and the difference they made in our lives.
    Take care and God bless Lexicans.
    Robbie the Aussie

  2. Bill Brandt

    Robbie – I have to confess that I didn’t even know Lex when he was running the blog. I wish that I had known him.

    I was drawn to the blog after long-time Lexican on chicagoboyz.net posted about his accident, and left links to some of his favorite lex posts.

    The first post I ever read was of the time the Kat’s 14 year old friend was over and asked him if he was in Top Gun. (Yes, I know, one word, all caps, don’t ask!).

    Lex says, “Why Yes, yes I was!”

    When the girl is obviously disappointed that Lex wasn’t in the movie but the actual unit, and Lex could look at this and laugh about it – I knew this was someone I had to know! He was an immensely talented man who also had humility.

    Although I have come to learn that he worked very hard getting to where he was. And in reading his posts I have come to believe – well, know – that he took his blog writing as seriously as anything else. I’d be willing to bet that he spent at least an hour a day scouring the Net to see what topic he would write on.

    It has been 3 years and I have been astounded by the influence Lex had around the web. There are posts of his saved by others all over the world.

    I don’t think even he was aware of it but in posts I have read he was constantly being told by others “I read your blog” – the last of which was someone at Fallon just a day/2 before his accident.

    The best thing one can say about him is that at the Shakespeare’s event, there were those who knew him a long time and those who have “known” him only a few months.

    All brought together by a remarkable man.

  3. Robert B Robb

    Hi Bill,
    Thanks so much for the reply. If you can get some of the old posts like July 24th 2006 on Zero tolerance it will give an idea of how seriously he cared for the young sailors under his command. Also, Politics and Faith, Feb 15th 2004, you will see a man of such conviction and strength in things that lesser citizens would just see as such much “ho hum”, but they are things that should matter to us all. One more, “Message to Garcia”, Jan 10th 2005 is another one that got me. So many more, and I guess that what gabbed me is not what grabs you; but it amazes me that there was always something for everyone. If I could be half the man he was (and I try) maybe my little corner of the world would be a better place. Thanks again for writing Bill.
    God bless,
    Robbie the Aussie

    • Bill Brandt

      Robbie – your wish is my command! I will post some of my favorites, too, including the one – the first one I read – that made me a “Lexican”.

      One thing I have learned as I have “hosted” this blog – I have come to realize exactly how much work Lex put into his – both in research and writing.

      It wasn’t just an avocation with him but a love. And he connected with his readers, telling us that “you are the best friends I’ve never met”.

      I have come to feel the same way towards him.

      The Hobbit told me at Shakespeare’s that there were times when at 01:00 after perfecting a piece he would say, “look at this!”

      Stand by – I will do some digging…

  4. It was Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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