Passages. Sad Passages.

Brownsville, Texas
It is where ships go to die.
Forrestal and Saratoga are unrecognizable.
Constellation arrived a couple of weeks ago.
The three Good Ships I made cruises on are in the queue. Independence, Ranger and Kitty Hawk.
It hurts.
Old friends they are to so many who chose the sea.
The times are indeed, a changing.






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10 responses to “Passages. Sad Passages.

  1. It’s sad, too bad they can’t all become floating museums somewhere. Mind you, the truth is that the upkeep costs on ships like that are beyond the reach of most. They’d slowly rust to pieces if they didn’t get cut to pieces.

    As an aircraft person, I get a similar feeling looking at pictures of the “Boneyard” at Davis-Monthan AFB in Arizona. A very select few aircraft get a second lease on life one they go there; mostly they get cannibalized for parts and then cut up for metal.

    Such is the price paid for creating such specialized machinery that it can’t easily, if at all, be re-tasked and given a second chance.

    • Most of my Navy Career is gone………..or going.

    • I never served in the military, but I remember a tour of American military bases in Washington a youth group I was with took in 1987. It’s sad just to think of what we saw then that is no longer around. The B-52s are long gone from Fairchild, the C-141s of McChord are museum pieces or out in the “Boneyard”, the last EA-6B Prowlers at Whidbey Island are due to bow out anytime now…..I wonder how many of the ships we saw in Puget Sound’s “Mothball Fleet” are still there.

  2. Old AF Sarge

    I’ll raise a glass to the memory of these fine ships and their fine crews.

  3. Kitty Hawk is still in the Ready Reserve Fleet and is being maintained, unlike the others which were stricken from the list long ago. I don’t think KH will ever see Brownsville. Hopefully she will go to Pensacola as a very fitting addition to the museum there! I’d love it if she went there under her own power too…Not out of the realm of possibilities with a volunteer crew of retirees, former crew and reservists.

    • I wonder, Alan Martens, if that could happen. When the Gerald R Ford enters the fleet, The Hawk will be stripped and stricken. The anchor chains from Indepenence and one anchor as well are in use on George H W Bush……………………….
      Pensacola does have a pier………………………………….

  4. Bill Powell

    Ranger was in ready reserve until recently when NAVSEA decided the Ranger Foundation’s plan for her as a museum in Portland, OR wasn’t good enough. She was my last ship before I retired and I was fortunate to go aboard her for a day last Fall. She is currently being towed to Brownsville via Cape Horn. Sad indeed.

  5. Thanks so much for this blog. I still miss Lex greatly. This helps. God bless.

    • You are most welcome.
      Along with my buddies Buck and Lionel who passed away this past Winter, it seems the Phantom Platoon as my Dad called it, is more like a Regiment.

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