My New Television Habits

For the last year or so, I’ve been getting acquainted with streaming to my TV.

What do you need?

Well, of course, an internet connection, preferable at least DSL, a router (a “switchbox” that directs your internet line to a device you chose, in this case a streaming device such as a Roku) – a flat screen TV that will accept an HDMI input and off you go.

The router can either be wireless or wired (Ethernet).

I could never justify paying a cable company $100-$200/month to see what would be maybe 5 channels for me. That’s what gets me – having to subsidize all this stuff you don’t want just to see the few that you want.

On the other hand, those high fees are helping to produce some great shows – the quality you used to see on Network TV. Shows like Longmire, Dexter, Mad Men

Just to name a few.

So what does Netflix give you?

Well, for starters, these shows. You just don’t get the current season. You can get literally 100s, if not thousands, of serials of some of the best screenwriting from the 50s to last year, shows like the Twilight Zone, Rockford, shows from around the world.

And your viewing habits will change.

You can watch 1-3 episodes of a series per night. I went through the wonderful remake of Battlestar Gallactica in a couple of months – a series that spanned years.

I’m hooked on a BBC series on Hulu Plus called New Tricks, about a female Scotland Yard detective who, because of budgetary considerations, has to hire 3 old retired detectives. They go out and solve these cases that are decades old.

It’s both a comedy and a drama.

A show I really like is an Australian series set in the 1920s, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. The music from the opening credits and the music I have heard in the series got me to amazon today to get the soundtrack.

Just saw a wonderful biography on a test pilot few in the states have heard of, but he is a giant in that field, Eric Brown. I am going to have a write up on him in the next day/2.

It’s a whole new world out there – for $8/month.

I watch Network TV exactly 1 hour per week now. I like Blue Bloods.

I feel a bit melancholy about leaving a habit I had most of my life, but they aren’t making many shows that I like anymore.

Streaming is only going to get bigger…


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7 responses to “My New Television Habits

  1. xbradtc

    Blue Bloods is on Netflix. Or Amazon Prime. I forget which.

  2. We have Netflix, Hulu (IIRC$8.95/mo) and Amazon Prime ($100/yr)…and we haven’t had cable in four years, now.

  3. NaCly Dog

    Sigh. I wish I had the bandwidth. I’m on a slow broadband since I’m too rural for cable.

    • Bill Brandt

      If you have DSL with at least 3 MBPS it would work – maybe even less. The funny thing about my DSL, through AT & T at a bit less than 3 MBPS, when I am streaming the use of the Internet on my desktop virtually stops, at least trying to see web pages. I can watch TV or surf the Net, but not both 🙂

      A friend up in ID had DSL and it is 14 MBPS, which seems pretty fast for DSL.

      Setting up with a ROKU is amazingly simple – basically plug and play.

  4. hogday

    Terresticle TV is a load of balls these days 😀

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