The Dream Is Always The Same.

My Friend, skyye.
This is going to be good.
Hopefully she can become, one of us.

Waves of Effervescence

Remember that line?  (T. Cruise | Risky Business, c. 1984)  Not really a fan of his any more, but I always loved that opening monologue.

It’s so true though.  The dream is ALWAYS the same.  Variations?  Absolutely.  But I always wind up in the same place at the end.  “LIVING THE DREAM.”  That was to be the blog title originally.  However, I thought it to be a bit ordinary and, frankly, boring.  Yet that is indeed what this blog is about.  It’s about life;  in all of it’s silly, lovely, sordid, mixed-up random, wild and amazing glory.  Ups and downs (and hell, sideways even — I mean, I’m INTERESTING, damn it!) on this roller coaster we love to hate.

Waves of effervescence, experienced while living the dream…  I hope you like it.

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3 responses to “The Dream Is Always The Same.

  1. Bill Brandt

    As I have gotten older I have come to believe the only real bad day we have is when we are wheeled into an emergency room. Even stuff along life’s road I thought was bad—turned out to be good.

    • Robert B Robb

      Hi Bill, the comment you made is so true. Now with 20/20 hindsight I can see the things I endured only served to prepare me for future events or to be able to help others on their journey in life.
      Take care and God bless,


  2. I humbly request that Skyyebaby become one of us.

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