Loose lips?

I know I’ve mentioned it elsewhere in this community of ours (recent publicity surrounding the revealing of a former SEAL team member involved in that  Op`) but I really am surprised at how that information was released into the public domain. I suppose you could say it’s been `bugging` me.

I followed up on a couple of well informed comments from some fellow Lexicans and I gather that there are some bad feelings over matters of military veterans benefits and other issues surrounding control of the story. Of that I have no constructive comment to add for I know little of the system under which your military operates although I suspect our respective doctrines are similar. I learned much of this having spent a working life liaising with our military, including a months attachment to the Army Staff College working alongside officers from many nations and all arms (yes even navy and air force!!), going through their year-long senior command course. As I mentioned elsewhere, this is something the British police do, working and exercising alongside our military on matters where our roles can sometimes blur and overlap ie `low intensity warfare`, nuclear accidents, counter terrorism etc. This type of police/military liaison will be unfamiliar territory to my American friends.

But `war`, it has been said, `is the continuation of politics by other means` and in that regard a very small number of my former colleagues and I have been at our own `pointy end` of counter terrorist operations. Those of us, comparatively small in number, that performed covert tasks to detain the potential perpetrators of heinous acts against our country and our military (rather than those of our police colleagues who provided a much broader protective/preventive screen) were more than well equipped and prepared to use lethal force if the circumstances demanded. Most of those operations are now in the public domain, but many are not, a lot of the preparatory work is not and were I to write about such things today, I would be very careful as to how I released fine details of those ops and would never disclose real names and detailed whereabouts without very careful consideration for the potential consequences. The people we were after, some foreign, some closer to home may, on paper, no longer be enemies of the state but I know the individuals, their mentality and what they are capable of. They have long memories and highly questionable morals and from my armchair I am surprised at how much information is released, officially, about individuals working in the US military that although may be deemed OK from an OPSEC perspective is not, in my humble opinion, good enough for an individuals PERSEC.

I have worked with the best of the best, British special forces both Army (SAS) and Navy (SBS Royal Marines). The SEAL teams, the individuals within and their army equivalents are also supreme warriors who are rightly heralded up there alongside. They performed an outstanding operation under pressures of an intensity that most of us will thankfully never be subjected to, but the code is the code and the rules are the rules. In my view both have been broken and time will tell whether good or bad will come of it.


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2 responses to “Loose lips?

  1. I would have to offer that the administrations cooperation with “O Dark 30”, Pannettas, outing of Team Six, makes the revelations in the book moot.
    Much ado about nothing.
    Just Sayin’…

  2. estel

    It was said that when our Prez publicized this the next day several other high value targets slipped away into the either. Because they depended on couriers and not radio/cell phones (that pesky NSA) we had a window of a few days where we could have rounded up more.

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