A History Lesson, Plane Pr0n and Ship Pr0n all in one.

Among The Joshua Trees

I came across this on YouTube. HMS Ark Royal R09 in 1975 conducting flight operations in the Mediterranean Sea. I am not sure what time of year it was but in the late Autumn of 1975, when I was aboard USS Independence CV62, we conducted a cross deck with Ark Royal. In 1976, we did it again.

This ship is gone now………………as are the Phantoms of 892 Squadron, the Buccaneers of 809 Squadron, the Gannetts and the Sea Kings and the Turbine H-34……………………………..

The RN Phantoms were amazing with those Rolls Royce Speys and the unique afterburners and the very long nose strut extend for the short cat stroke on The Ark.

Hands To Flying Stations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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3 responses to “A History Lesson, Plane Pr0n and Ship Pr0n all in one.

  1. NaCly Dog

    This is part of the BBC fly on a wall program Sailor.

    Good stories and visuals, and good theme music.

    Here is the intro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsdBsiXtXaA

  2. NaCly Dog

    Here is the original theme music, which I like more that the (copyright-caused) replacement: http://youtu.be/ve2HVVamMl4

  3. Sailor was a great documentary. Bittersweet to see it these days.

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