The Man Who Saved Western Civilization — And How He Did It


There are a few men (and women) in the world that I have really admired. Virtually all politicians bend with the political winds.

I have always admired Winston Churchill – for the well known reasons of leading Britain through the very early dark days of WW2.

I remember some years ago there was an excellent British series on his life in the 1930s – when he was considered washed up and, in his 60s, was expected to lead a life of quiet retirement.

Instead, he kept in the public eye by writing newspaper columns that warned about the danger of a rising Nazi Party.

For that, he was frequently the object of ridicule. He was not cowed.

Of that he is well known.

However, I learned that there is a story within the story. In a column by Steve Forbes, he details a critical 5 days in May, 1940, where there was a very real possibility of the British negotiating a peace with Hitler.

With Britain not in the war – all before Pearl Harbor, and Europe occupied by the Nazis, the world would have become  a very different place.

It’s a pretty interesting read.


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5 responses to “The Man Who Saved Western Civilization — And How He Did It

  1. depth of vision,,,,, yea winston!

    depth of vision,much needed today. no one’s got the stones. yea winston!

  2. SoCal Pir8

    There is no one in the last 150 years that can hold a candle to WSC.

  3. I believe that Hitler was surprised that Britain declared war in support of Poland. I believe that he was also surprised and dismayed that Britain did not negotiate a peace deal. I was also surprised to read that FDR had secret talks with the Canadian PM because, believing that Britain would be quickly defeated, he wanted to get the Royal Navy to Canada and out of reach of the Nazis. The Canadian PM was not best pleased. I wonder what else will be revealed in the fullness of time?

  4. Dust

    Probably the greatest statesman in 500 years. One of the few men I hold in the greatest esteem.

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