Plane Pr0n. Thanks to T. Claude Ryan

From The Golden Age of Aviation

Among The Joshua Trees

This is the most beautiful airplane ever built……………..even the subsequent versions up to and including the PT-22 Recruit……..maybe.

The STA or PT-16.


Ryan_DickBircherRyan_STA_-_SeiteRyanSTAbrightRyan-STA-PT-16-TitleSTA NC17360 3STASTA-CLINE-001STA-YPT-16

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One response to “Plane Pr0n. Thanks to T. Claude Ryan

  1. There’s a wee thought been caroming about the brain housing group for years now, of how a financially well heeled sort starts a company building replicas of vintage aircraft. It couldn’t be done for the profit that’s in it, necessarily, but would have recreating beauty from the past as its primary mission.
    This fashionable creature would find its place among the offerings, as would the F-86F/H and others. After all, if the younger generation can go retro and goth and such, we can do this. Right?

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