Something I’d like to see…..

  Just got though paying some more bills, among them a new 6 month policy for my auto insurance.

I have had this company for probably 15 years. I switched from another company I had had for probably 25 years because this company had just as high a rating at almost half the price.

But like so much of American business, they underwent a lot of  changes. Instead of the small independent business they were bought by other insurance companies.

  They became a subsidiary, the latest – the 2nd or 3rd company that has owned them – let’s call them the The Monolithic Insurance Company.

You’ve seen their ads on the television, but to avoid making this personal, I will simply refer to them as the MIC.

Anyway I am simply trying to pay the bill and they gave me a bunch of papers stuffed in their envelope. 

Our Humble Scribe being of the nautical type, even causes this old soldier to think in nautical terms.

I believe flotsam would describe this…..stuff. It is difficult for me to simply simply find the paper with the amount owed to mail it in.

But among all of these treasures is a little form letter telling me that the MIC intends to sell my personal information to companies who want to send me more offers.

If this is OK with me I need do…nothing.

If I don’t want this change, I have to send in the form they provide. At my expense, of course, and a different address.

So I mail the form, in addition to my bill.

On the form, I suggested that they should reverse this – if their customers want their personal information sold, they should send in a form.

If they don’t want this….they don’t have to do anything.

I’m starting to think that it may be time for a change. After all the reasons that I selected this company in the first place may be null and void, now that they are a wholly-owned subsidiary to the MIC.

But in the meantime I think in about 3 months, halfway through the policy, I will send a letter to the CEO of the MIC.

I will ask for his assurance that my personal information is not being sold.

If it is being sold, he doesn’t have to do anything. If it isn’t, send me a letter stating that fact.

Maybe it’s time for a change again.



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2 responses to “Something I’d like to see…..

  1. NaCly Dog

    Everyone is selling data on ourselves. It used to be a computer was a productivity tool, now it is a collection device.

    The amount of data mining is beyond belief, and that is just Google, leaving out other miners.

    • Bill Brandt

      I am amazed at the amount of data our computers give about ourselves – I was looking at a “yelp” review of my dentist – all I wanted was his phone number – and yelp wanted to to acknowledge a new waiver about the personal informatin they would give on me (read by the subject companies).

      How yelp knows I am in my 60s is beyond me but since I give very little credence to yelp reviews I decided not to click “yes”.

      But I thought my insurance company – whom I;ve had for 15 years or so, now making money on my personal data – and I get to pay them $1200/year for the privilege – was a bit over the top.

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