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RIP Robin Williams


I have always felt that among performers, one of the toughest job is being a comic.  And Williams was one of the best.

Not surprisingly, I read some time ago that among comics he liked friend and mentor  Jonathan Winters.

What really gave me a respect for his craft was learning that much of his dialogue in Good Morning Vietnam wasn’t scripted – his creative mind was making it up as the scenes went along.

I hope he knew how much he could bring laughter in people.

The world needs more of it. Not less.

We’ll miss you Robin.

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Tip of the Hat to Buck Pennington

On our return to Casa De Sharon y Glenn, we stopped by the Vineyard on MCB Camp Pendleton. Among other things, I procured a couple of See Gars.
The Guinness was purchased shortly after leaving the gathering at Shakespeare’s.
The Missus said to maintain the same thing.
Buck Pennington gave me the idea to have a cigar, so I did.




Tonight I enjoyed both on the Verandah at Casa de Sharon y Glenn in California City.


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A Gathering of Some Of Us

Some of Us gathered at Shakespeare’s. It was good.

Among The Joshua Trees

The occasion was the send off of our esteemed David Harvey and His Missus and Family for a new chapter in Dallas, Texas.

Present were the following Lexicans:

Beth Lieras, Dwight Cardwell, Your Humble Author and his Bride and the most wonderful Mary Lefon.

Excellent Food and Excellent Drink.

Dwight made sure I had the Mud in The Blogfather’s USNA Mug. It was an initiation of sorts.

Yes! It was an excellent evening, indeed!

Lex MugShakespeare' with excellent companyLex Mug 2DSC_0005DSC_0004DSC_0003DSC_0002DSC_0001

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My Own Golf Lesson

One could hardly call me a serious golfer. I seem to play on alternate decades – if that. I can remember taking it back up about 30 years ago – after a hiatus of 10-15 years, and on my first hole – a little 3 par– I pared it – my first attempt. It was the first hole in years and it seemed so …. effortless.

 And I’m thinking “What’s the big deal about this game?”

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New Pics of Yours Truly and Missus ORPO

Among The Joshua Trees

We got the Eldest Son to take a couple of pics at The Niece’s Wedding recently.

I figured there are those among the Lexicans and Followers who may be interested.


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