…you can’t just do that…


Been there, done that. A classic mishmash at JFK.

The airport diagram taxiways are labeled with letters, A for Alpha, you know the drill. Sometimes airplanes and controllers get out of phase.

The A340-600 in the conversation has a long body and wide wingspan, sometimes it can’t make turns and sometimes the taxiway is just too narrow to make 90 degree turns.

I can see the controller and his bottle of heartburn pills in the tower.

Evidently Jesus is the Captain in a JetBlue aircraft…


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6 responses to “…you can’t just do that…

  1. missbirdlegs

    The link doesn’t work for me – is that just me?

  2. Grrr. Didn’t work for me multiple times. Finally found the right combination. Link is updated.
    Computers. Fussy. Gotta mind the p’s and q’s.

  3. R

    I think the referenced video is at http://youtu.be/GcFfVEstt4o

  4. Bill Brandt

    That poor controller sounds a bit burned out. Seems “easier” to control them in the air than on the ground!

    I would think, too, that if you had just landed at JFK, did not know the airport, iyt could be very confusing.

    And remember don’t follow the instructions and you could have a collision on the runway!

  5. Bill Brandt

    Did any of you guys see “Pushing Tin”? It wasn’t very well received – you got the usual romantic entanglements but it did show the pressure – and stress – of those NYC controllers.

    And this video of the harried ground controller showed me that the stress and potential danger doesn’t end when the mains hit the runway.

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