Niece’s Wedding

Big Family Event last weekend. The reason for lack of posting…….It was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Among The Joshua Trees

Ashlee Luque, My Niece became Mrs. Michael Quick on 20 July 2014.

Family and Friends came from Near and Far to Celebrate.

Mrs. ORPO made the cake and it was awesome!

DSC_0015 L-R. Eldest Son, Daughter in Law, Niece Ashlee

DSC_0028 The Cake under Construction

DSC_0033 Missus ORPO, Her Sister, Son Pat, Daughter in Law Diane

DSC_0035 The Groom

DSC_0044 Niece Stephanie with the Ring Bearer, Grand Nephew Austin Nicolas

DSC_0047 Brother in Law Hector and The Bride

DSC_0074 Missus ORPO and The Daugher in Law

DSC_0076 Eldest Son and His Bride

DSC_0077 Mother and Son

DSC_0081 ORPO and My Bride of 31 years, Mrs. ORPO

DSC_0125 Father Daughter Dance

DSC_0129 Mother and Son Dance

DSC_0154 Cutting The Cake


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3 responses to “Niece’s Wedding

  1. Bill Brandt


  2. leachristina65

    Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs.!

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