The Story Behind The FedEx Logo



And why it works. After 20 years, it is a revelation for me.

H/T to one of the Lexicans.

Story is here.



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6 responses to “The Story Behind The FedEx Logo

  1. Great post, Bill. The first time I saw the new logo (how many of you can even remember the words “FederalExpress” on the side of the Falcon and 727 in the early years?) was when the drapery was removed from an MD-11 in one of the FedEx hangars in front of several thousand employees.
    The arrow was immediately evident to me, not due to some great perceptive abilities on my part, but because it is hard to miss the link when it is in letters some 10 or 12 feet tall on the side of a really big jet. It was impressive.
    Prior to that, all the FedEx jets were purple on top, white on bottom, with the logo and a white and orange line (I think) running the length of the fuselage. Keeping the purple looking good was a maintenance nightmare, UV rays from the sun and normal erosion would take brilliant shiny purple to dull and faded purple that is almost blue sorta in a matter of a few months. I’m sure maintenance welcomed the new color scheme.
    Ergo, the sage advice we gave each other before venturing out in the fog, mist, and rain: “Keep the purple side up” became a part of history. Tell a new hire at FedEx to Keep the purple side up and all you would get was a quizzical look. What’s he talking about?

    • Bill Brandt

      In the 20 years since this logo came out I have never noticed the arrow – I guess I am a bit dense – but the article mentioned that this use of whitespace was a brilliant use of subliminal advertising.

      I passed a FedEx truck today and the arrow was the first thing I saw now!

      BTW Busbob out at the old Mather AFB there is a FedEx 727 sitting there – don’t know where it’s final home will be –

      Here’s some more clever logos

  2. Ken

    Your recall of the original Federal Express livery is very good. If you happen to be at IAD you can seethe first Falcon 20 at the National Air and Space Museum Udvar Hazy Center. Or just look here: A19830302000.

  3. The 727 at Mather is N223FE, it has been donated to the Sacramento Fire Department for a regional training center’s use. Story is here:

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