Sometimes All You Can Do Is Laugh


At yourself.

Or as a friend of mine would say, ‘I’d like to kick myself in the ass but my legs won’t reach”.

Sometime ago,  someone backed into my car, marring the corner of the rear bumper. Left no note, of course.

These days the bumpers  are all plastic over foam and metal and painted to match the car.

I didn’t want to pay $700-$1000 to have a body shop completely repaint it, so I went to the car dealer and asked the used car manager who he used to detail the cars he gets in.

Anyway, I get the name of a fellow who works mainly with dealers, but he came out yesterday – Sunday – to look at my car.

It cost $200, and at the end of a couple of hours you couldn’t even tell where the damage was. Except the paint store sold him the wrong clearcoat – for enamel. Which he discovered after applying it to the car.

So he had to come back this morning with the right clearcoat, sanded off the bad clearcoat, put on the new – and the car looked great.

I make a short errand, put it in the garage, close the door, and as the door is descending I notice the car’s rear is a bit too far back.

Too late to stop the door – it catches the bumper and….

Well, he is coming out again sometime this week.




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6 responses to “Sometimes All You Can Do Is Laugh

  1. Yeah, a sense of humor is a definite REQUIREMENT in life. 🙂

  2. Frank Ch. Eigler

    Consider investing in a well-positioned sensor for the garage door, so it would refuse to close on an obstruction.

    • Bill Brandt

      Frank – I have a sensor – problem was the overhang of the car – behind the rear wheel – was above the laser beam

      Live & learn!

  3. Mikek Myers

    Well yes a sensor might do it. Maybe 20 years ago I bought my wife a brand new Lexus ES 300–they’d just started bringing them into the country. Three months after she got it, I offered to put the car in the garage for her and, while doing that, I somehow managed to hit the garage door opener (or more precisely “closer”). The garage door came down and left a nice gouge on the roof of her car. I did get it fixed for her. But you get that aarggh! feeling when you butch things up like that.

  4. Frank Ch. Eigler

    Bill, my sensors are installed at 20deg+ angle to the horizontal, exactly to catch overhang etc. Consider repositioning.

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