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Fighter Pilot’s Retirement Home

Fighter Pilot's Retirement Home

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The Unexpected Special Heroes

A blogger who lives in my area. She had this up the other day. I thought it should be spread around.
ORPO Sends.

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Putting the $17 Trillion US Economy Into Perspective


One of the Lexicans put this link  up on the F/B Page and I thought it interesting and wanted to share it with you.

If the states were countries – here is how their “GDP” compares to countries around the world…


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Significant Milestone……………..31 years

Among The Joshua Trees

This day, 31 years ago, Sharon Naatz and I exchanged vows at the First Methodist Church in Oak Harbor, Washington. Think about that………………..31 years. I was at the nine and a half year mark in my Navy Career and she said yes and accepted all that came with it………………………….Damn………………………………

We put two households together that day. Four kids who all were part of the event, three of which have blessed us with a total of five grandchildren…………………………….Sharon was 29 and I was 28, now she is 60 and I am 59.

We have had those ups and downs………….at times those have been sheer cliffs but we are still here.

DSC_0140Wedding Day 11 June 1983

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Women of the USS Ronald Reagan, By Way Of Shania Twain

Via The Veterans Site


The Lexicans on the F/B page have been finding some neat stuff!

This, like the catapult launch, came courtesy of them.

This is a video set to Shania Twain’s music that shows you the Ronald Reagan from a female’s point of view – and even the ships CO is in on it – a good sport.

Women of every rank and skill are in this video.

If your feet don’t want to move to this, there might be something wrong.

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Catapult Launch

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Thunder on The Lot

Among The Joshua Trees

At the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds yesterday. Just a sample as uploading to WordPress can be a pain at times.DSC_0031DSC_0030DSC_0029DSC_0028DSC_0027DSC_0004DSC_0105DSC_0104DSC_0103DSC_0097DSC_0096DSC_0092DSC_0091

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A Visit To See Fifi


My memory of Fifi goes back over 20 years. I was walking the dog one morning and hear the unmistakable sound of a radial-engined plane.

A big plane.

I thought it might be the Collins Foundation B17 in town – or maybe an old DC-6.

I look up and exactly overhead, about 700-1,000 feet AGL was the only flying B-29, the Commemorative Air Force’s Fifi.

What a sight.

To think that Boeing made over 4,000 of these for the astronomical sum of (at the time) $600,000 per plane.  There’s one left in flyable condition, and here it is.

We waited patiently in 100 degree weather under the wing – entrance was through the first bomb bay – we saw the cockpit and exited at the cockpit right behind the nose wheel.

You’ll see the famous tube the crew used to crawl though – in the pressurized plane – from the cockpit to the back. It’s also visible from the top of the bomb bay.

Still an impressive plane even after almost 70 years.

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Heavy Heart

I haven’t been around here much recently; time just moves quickly.  But today – time stood still and in fact, took us all backwards to March 6/7, 2012.  Pinch posted, on Facebook, the link to the final NTSB report on Our Beloved Lex’s accident.

Go here.

No real surprises.  Just the final words that mark the end of Lex’s life.  They are harsh words to read, to be sure.  Harsh in their finality and in the way the day conspired to rob a family of their anchor and a ragtag bunch of friends their cherished brother-in-arms and brother-in-heart.

I just wanted to be sure that those of you here, who don’t belong to Facebook, had the opportunity to read (or not) the final report.


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