USS Ranger Flight Ops Off Vietnam 1972

From the good old days. The heart aches for the variety of aircraft on the flight deck in those days (ok I wasn’t born in ’72 but still).





SPOILER ALERT: Yeah, you can have that Viggie trap at the end. That quite frankly scared me a little and gave me a few gray hairs.

h/t to Comm Jam for the Facebook post.


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2 responses to “USS Ranger Flight Ops Off Vietnam 1972

  1. Prolly knew some of the guys in the A-6’s, I’m a bit older than you, Spill.
    Note that the first one off the cat is the KA6D, he’s up first so the fighter guys can launch in full A/B and then meet the tanker overhead to get back all the fuel they just torched on the launch. Texaco, that’s what the tanker was. Didn’t check the oil or do the windshield…

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