Heavy Heart

I haven’t been around here much recently; time just moves quickly.  But today – time stood still and in fact, took us all backwards to March 6/7, 2012.  Pinch posted, on Facebook, the link to the final NTSB report on Our Beloved Lex’s accident.

Go here.

No real surprises.  Just the final words that mark the end of Lex’s life.  They are harsh words to read, to be sure.  Harsh in their finality and in the way the day conspired to rob a family of their anchor and a ragtag bunch of friends their cherished brother-in-arms and brother-in-heart.

I just wanted to be sure that those of you here, who don’t belong to Facebook, had the opportunity to read (or not) the final report.




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14 responses to “Heavy Heart

  1. Edward


    Please correct the link, as it is invalid.


    • Old AF Sarge


      Having lost much of my WordPress “knowledge” over the past few months, I don’t remember the proper way of inserting a link with all of that fancy dan HTML stuff. So I just pasted the link in as shown. That should take you there.

      Heavy heart today. I’ve been transported back in time to the 7th of March, 2012. Not a good day…

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  3. xbradtc

    Thanks, Kris, thanks, Pinch.

  4. Sarge – thank you for fixing the link. It worked when I first posted it; wonder what happened to it.

  5. I just read the report. A little background for you: In 2005 the Navy METOC community was slashed by over 1/3 its manning, resulting in the need to pull the forecasting back to “hubs” (a.k.a. San Diego and Norfolk). COMNAVAIRFOR, VADM Zortman and Commander US Fleet Forces, ADM Nathman, deemed the loss of observers and forecasters, “acceptable risk”.

  6. Edward

    It was hard reading the Group Chairman’s factual report. Lex fought it every step of the way and never considered abandoning his aircraft.

  7. Mark Malsick

    Thank you for posting the NTSB report. That such a man lived

  8. Lincoln Sternn

    A direct link to the actual report:


    I’m curious what others who have more knowledge than me in these areas think of the report/conclusions?

  9. Robert B Robb

    Thanks so much for posting the report. I now have the answers to so many things that have troubled me for so long. Interesting reading the testimonies of ATC regarding returning certain pilots who seem to think they are above the law. BZ’s to CAGS who abide by the laws.

    • Lincoln Sternn


      Can you please elaborate?

    • Robert B Robb

      Hi Lincoln,
      I did not understand why Lex had been sent up with the weather the way it was, and also did not know if other aircraft had difficulty getting back and if so did any divert, where to etc. The whole thing looked like so many unexplained frab ups for an organization that should be performing better.
      I was annoyed at the way the NSAWC pilots seem to think they are a law unto themselves, putting lives at risk and putting undue stress on ATC.
      Note the ATC comment that it is easier to return 40 CAG aircraft than 12 NSAWC aircraft. A good man is dead because of blatant disregard for safety. Been great “talking” to you. By the way, I’m an Aussie that cares about you people over there, take care and God bless.


    • Lincoln Sternn


      Thanks for your expanded explanation. Once I read the original investigator’s report, I see what you are talking about. Ignored procedures, pressure to launch even in questionable conditions, safety violations, etc, etc.

  10. I can’t look.
    It hurts too much.

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