1955 U.S.Navy Training Film For 16″ Turrets

It explains the entire operation of an Iowa-Class 16″ turret – an interesting 10 minutes I thought you would like.

H/T to one of the Lexicans who posted this to the F/B page.


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by | May 14, 2014 · 11:47 pm

One response to “1955 U.S.Navy Training Film For 16″ Turrets

  1. Last month an old friend passed away, he was a true Christian man who befriended all who came his way.
    He was in the #2 turret of the USS Maryland throughout WWII, a tour which included the last and largest battleship engagement in history.
    He was at Okinawa at the same time as my father in law, who passed away last year, was there.
    My friend was sitting on the #2 turret at anchor one morning when a single Jap aircraft dropped a torpedo and nailed the USS Maryland just under the #1 turret. He watched the torpedo headed in toward his ship and didn’t even think to be scared. The ship survived and was quickly repaired and returned to war.
    Watching this video was both interesting and touching. I could imagine my friend loading and firing the big guns, providing cover and protection for my father in law.
    Thanks, Bill. Your posting was timely. Here’s to the dear departed.

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