10 May 2014-Lt. Dan Band at Jethawks Stadium in Lancaster

Among The Joshua Trees

This was an event to raise money to build a house for SPC Jerral Hancock of Lancaster who was severely wounded in Iraq.

Gary Sinise and many local businesses came through in a magnificent way.

It was a splendid evening indeed.

10155289_751816508174031_4047968434334657445_n A group of Lancaster HS kids had the medals made to hand out to all the Veterans in attendance.

DSC_0276 This gentleman is on one of those reality shows about the Repo business from right here in the Antelope Valley. He was in The Marines.

DSC_0250 It was very windy and fairly chilly as well.

DSC_0239 Prior and present Lancaster HS students who are in a group called OATH. These kids are awesome. When entering the stadium they all lined up at the entrance to cheer and give high fives to all of us.

DSC_0321 Gary Sinise Rocks!


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One response to “10 May 2014-Lt. Dan Band at Jethawks Stadium in Lancaster

  1. Bill Brandt

    I think Gary Sinese is one of those few celebrities who wants to do good – and not be in the spotlight doing so.

    Which is the best way.

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