The Heart Of The North – Flying an F-105 Into North Vietnam


This .pdf file was sent to me by an Air Force friend who knows what this author is writing about. I’m using his words in his email with his permission:

You may remember Jack Broughton author of "Thud Ridge" and "Going Downtown". 
I met him when we worked at Rockwell on the Bone program at Edwards.
He's the AF Cross recipient that got court-martialed for defending a couple of his pilots that were
accused of returning fire at a Russian ship in Haiphong Harbor. Looks like he is still kicking -
and writing. Brings back memories from long ago………..

Just click on the link above to get Jack's article.

To subject our servicemen going into harm's way with such a restrictive Rules of Engagement....
I hope that the politicians who set this are having to face it - if not in this world, then the next...



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2 responses to “The Heart Of The North – Flying an F-105 Into North Vietnam

  1. Insanity. Read the article and find that the 105 is used to strike the same target, a 15 mile corridor, twice a day, at the same time. The stupidity and criminality of the strike planners of the Viet Nam war is beyond my imagination.
    I’m wondering if there were any souls that said “Enough.”

    • Bill Brandt

      Busbob: at least they did in the novel Flight Of The Intruder

      My Air Force friend, who was in the thick of that, said that early in the war, we could have hit anything with relative impunity.

      But the powers that be wanted to just “send the enemy a message” and it was the gradual escalation by us that allowed them to build the most intense anti aircraft network the world had known.

      While the President is the Commander in Chief, I think it was borderline criminal subjecting our pilots (and all servicemen) to such restrictive rules of engagement.

      A lot of them died as a result.

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