Spent thousands of days/nights in hotels over the years hauling the freight in the purple jets. Always, always dreaded the hotels packed with high school kids attending some big function.

This video redeems them all. There is hope that our next generation gets it.

Warning: you might mist up just a little bit.


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6 responses to “Kids!

  1. missbirdlegs

    No telling how many times I’ve watched this and I get chills and tears every single time! Can’t seem to get enough of it. They sound wonderful!!

  2. Bill Brandt

    Beautiful – thanks Busbob

  3. Richard M Nixon (Deceased)

    Reblogged this on Dead Citizen's Rights Society.

  4. Sherry

    Glad this went viral so fast…. they have been doing this for years…. and finally, it breaks through….. bet it moves to other state’s All State choirs….

  5. AFMom

    KY has some very talented young people. Thanks for sharing!

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