US Army Buys Linux-Powered Rifles For Evaluation

As I have become older I have been astounded at the extent technology has come into things we have always thought were developed as far as capable.

Scuba diving equipment, bicycles, cars….all have been greatly improved by technology. Yesterday I was watching a video about some guys who took their 1967 Camaro back from Los Angeles to St Louis to an auto show, installed over 3 days a 700 hp Chevy engine at the convention, and then drove it back to Los Angles while getting 17 mpg.

The extent of how much automotive technology has changed was emphasized when our car club was invited to a talk by one of the 7 gold medal winners of an international competition for   Team USA .

Among the sample questions he showed on the PowerPoint display – not one had to do with camshaft timing, pistons, or ignition timing. They all had to do with networks, and how all the networks should communicate.

Anyway, my friend-the-super-programmer emailed me this post this morning about a linux-powered rifle the Army is evaluating. Linux is the language – really a rewritten version of Unix – that for all intents and purposes is running the Internet and the world wide web. Plus you are seeing it in some unexpected applications and hardware – from automotive components to…..rifle scopes.

This rifle scope can, just like a missile system, tell the shooter how to hold the rifle and when to pull the trigger.

As the writer asks though, one wonders how it would hold up under actual battle conditions.

Details and video here.


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3 responses to “US Army Buys Linux-Powered Rifles For Evaluation

  1. Richard M Nixon (Deceased)

    Reblogged this on Dead Citizen's Rights Society.

  2. I read the title and thought “WTF?” As in: what could software possibly have to do with a gun? And now I know.

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