Travels To The Central Coast Part 2

Among The Joshua Trees

As advertised, here they are.

Cambria, Cayucos with the pier and the players on the sidewalk in Pismo Beach.


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5 responses to “Travels To The Central Coast Part 2

  1. I like that part of the coast. There used to be a radar site at Cambria and one of my buddies from tech school was assigned there. I spent a lot of time in Cambria in the way-back, seein’ I was only about 100 miles south at Lompoc AFS. That and the fact that my buddy’s wife introduced me to one of her girlfriends, who made the trip worth my while. 😉

    Nice pics, Glenn.

  2. Bill Brandt

    I really love the Central Coast. Had a relative who lived in Los Osos for years. Love going to Hearst Castle – the whole history behind it.

    In the 30s if you were a movie star and got an invitation from Mr Hearst you knew it would be smart to show up – or you’d be reading about yourself in Hedda Hopper’s columns.

    Best drive in the world – Hwy 1 between San Simeon and Monterey.

  3. Joe

    One of the few ‘red’ places in California . . .

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