Cutaway Thursday: Chance-Vought OS-2U Kingfisher

Today I’m headed to the National Naval Aviation Museum so in that vein:


More about her here.



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3 responses to “Cutaway Thursday: Chance-Vought OS-2U Kingfisher

  1. NavyDavy

    A Christmas present from my daughter this year was a NNAM bookset.
    Bringing back fond memories, learning lots of new stuff and the best Blues book I’ve seen.

    • Busbob

      Spill, I will be at the museum in April for the dedication of the A-6 tribute. Looking forward to the visit and seeing faces that are 40 years more than I remember. When I went through AOCS the museum was a wooden building with a couple of airplanes out front . Wow. What a change.

  2. Donn Thorson

    Nice to see my artwork! More of ’em on eBay.
    -Donn Thorson

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