The Annual Pilot Beating

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awful house

Awful House, 4:30 am.

Try to decide which is worse–the two roaches scurrying around the condiments, or the lame-brained guy in the paper hat, prattling on about his guts while you try to eat.

“You ever get that real sharp gut pain,” he asks, “where all of a sudden you really have to go to the bathroom super bad?”

Must be cancer, I want to say but don’t. You should get it checked out.

What I really don’t want to do is chat here at the buttcrack of dawn while I’m trying to cram one last run-through of the memory items I’ll be expected to recite for the oral exam prior to the simulator exam: “Passenger switches–on.”

What the hell is a “passenger switch?” Actually, that should read “fasten belts switch,” because that’s what you need in a rapid depressurization. Boeing obviously misprinted the step, but since Boeing…

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5 responses to “The Annual Pilot Beating

  1. xbradtc

    Jethead’s on my “check regularly” list.

  2. My first visity to Jethead, won’t be my last unless Asiana dumps me on final.

  3. Bill Brandt

    i used to know a retired pilot who flew for Braniff from Dallas to Quito Ecuador – ended up getting phlebitis in his legs presumably from sitting for so long, But he used to complain that the FAA examiners used to though so much suff at them – multiple simulations of things out – as to make the test but unrealistic and difficult.

  4. Nice link. Very good writing.

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