VFP-63 Patches


I’ve got an extensive collection of patches, mostly VF patches. As I’ve learned more about the history of NAVAIR, I’ve come to appreciate that colorful history reflected in patches.

Here are pics of some I’ve seen from VFP-63. VFP-63 was established in 1962 and did a WESTPAC deployment in July I that year. They made numerous deployments to WESTPAC and Vietnam till disestablishment in June of 1982. They operated the RF-8 Crusader and were known as “The Eyes of The Fleet.”

Here are some patches from -63s various deployments. Warning, some of these are pretty salty but that’s what makes them interesting 🙂







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4 responses to “VFP-63 Patches

  1. ejesegundo

    Det 5 made the ’79-’80 Med/IO cruise (first patch in your post) which included Eagle Claw. One of the shiny new RF-8 drivers was Donnie Cochran. Those were interesting times.

  2. SoCal Pir8

    We had a det on the Kitty Hawk for our WestPac cruise Apr-Dec ’81. Night cat shots were incredible to watch. .

  3. Tom Hafford

    I have my patch from Blacks playboys west pac cruise 1970..3 years in vfp 63. U.S.S. Shangri la. U.S.S. Oriskany. Midway

  4. Angelo Romano - Naples - Italy

    Hello there, You might be interested to learn that I designed the FIVE STAR TEAM patch! May I get a high definition scan of it? I think I still have the original sketch somewhere.
    Best Regards
    Angelo Romano

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